Our Region

Industry Value

Our produce is sent to vegetable markets in all major Australian cities, with over millions of dollars worth of product sold each year. Chances are wherever you live in Australia, you have selected and purchased top quality Lockyer Valley vegetables from your own local grocery store.

The most commonly grown crops are carrots, potatoes, the brassica vegetables (e.g. cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower), pumpkins, corns and beans. These are just some of the vegetables which are shipped out to markets all over Australia and overseas. Exotic vegetables such as okra, snake beans, baby fennel, figs and broccolini are highly sought after by keen cooks. While driving through the Lockyer Valley, it is highly likely that you will see farms and crops where these vegetables are grown. You may even have the opportunity to purchase vegetables from a road side stall or select them fresh from the market!