Our Region

Welcome to the Lockyer valley! Only a glimpse of this beautiful part of Australia is visible from the Highway – to get a real sense for the beauty of the region requires a bit of a road trip (perhaps you could follow a food trail or maybe you will choose the road less travelled).

The Lockyer is tucked away in a series of valleys, collectively called the Lockyer valley. Over the course of thousands of years, wind and water has shaped the landscape and created a network of valleys at the foothills of mountain ranges with rich, deep, volcanic soils.

This is where we farm. If you haven’t visited our region yet – we can almost guarantee that you have eaten our fruit and vegetables. We farm in all four seasons, producing a range of vegetables and fruits including broccoli, carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and watermelons as well as lesser known and specialty lines. Our fruit and veg can be sourced in all major markets within Australia.

Outside of Australia, we export our fruit and vegetables to countries including Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. Our fruit and veg is sought after because it is nutritious, of a consistently high quality, meets the highest standards of food safety requirements and has traceability. Our location in the Southern hemisphere means that we can frequently supply in the off-season to other countries and our proximity to South-east Asia means our air and sea freight can reach distribution centers quickly.

We employ a lot of people. Our industry is diverse, dynamic and growing. People are at the centre of what we do and why we do it. Our labour force is hard working, strong and fit. We love our industry and we are proud of what we do. Wherever you are in Australia or overseas – we hope you are enjoying a little slice of the Lockyer.